Hello everyone, My name is Anna, I was born in picturesque Crimea and I am professional photographer.

I started my passionate photography journey about 4 years ago from the tropical island Phuket in Thailand. I had an amazing opportunity to work there for different projects such as beauty, personal, models tests, commercial projects and different magazines. 

Threw my work I always meet different personalities which truly inspire me and I am very grateful for that.

  I used to be the main photographer for the covers and fashion stories of the local magazine "Real life In Phuket ",was shooting campaigns for the following brands such as : "D'Margaret" Australia, "Cobalt and Tawny" Bali, "Kaanda beach Life" Thailand , "BIONDI" London, "Thaikila" Bali, "Smoothie Beauty" New York, "Herb Dee Ka" Thailand. 

I am proud that many of my works were published in Thai magazines such as : Real life in Phuket, Exotiq Thailand, Bikinis&Martinis, Insaider Asia.

  Today I am open for a new adventure. As I always welcome new opportunities in my life, I am ready to work and travel all around the world!

  Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me or if you want to book a photoshoot just simply fill this form